Light Rail – Updates on Works in Parramatta Region

Works have begun on the Parramatta Light Rail Network – starting with scoping works. To find out where and when works are taking place in your local area, visit the dedicated website: 

Daily Telgraph: Parramatta Rough Sleepers Project

The Daily Telegraph (August 7, 2018) reported on the great outcomes being achieved with our local rough sleepers project lead by Family and Community Services – Housing. The assertive outreach program being delivered by a number of government and non-government services has been making real differences in the lives of people, starting with housing first.

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NSW Budget – Homelessness and Family Violence (SMH Article)

An opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald  (3 July 2018) calls out inadequate measures in the recently announced NSW State Budget to address the increasing and unmet demand for homelessness services, as well as services for victims of violence, Aboriginal children and people living below the poverty line.

“Since the reforms of Going Home Staying Home in 2014, the number of people accessing services has increased by nearly 50 per cent to 74,000 people; around one-third of those are women and children escaping family violence. But services in these areas are only contracted by the state government to support 57,000.”

To read the full article, click on the following link: Sydney Morning Herald Online

How you can help a person experiencing homelessness (ABC News)

ABC News Online provides practical and respectful ways people can assist those experiencing homelessness – from making conversation to calling a service with expertise in reaching out.

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Homeless Street Count Parramatta, 2018 results

The City of Parramatta conducted its homeless Street Count on the night of Monday 19 February and early morning Tuesday 20 February 2018.

The results show a significant increase in rough sleepers from 2016, when 43 rough sleepers were counted. There was a modest reduction in the number of people in supported accommodation from 319 in 2016 to 262 in 2018. The last time there was a reduction in rough sleeper numbers was in 2013, and since then the number of people sleeping rough has grown. The number of people in support accommodation has remained relatively similar over the count years. Comparative figures for the eight (8) counts can be seen in the table below.

  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017* 2018**
Rough Sleepers 81 70 33 25 24 43 43 63
Secondary Count 251 284 284 257 249 260 319 262
Total 332 354 317 282 273 303 362 325

*Homeless count was not undertaken
** Council amalgamations occurred in May 2016 and as result Council boundaries changed. Granville Town Centre is no longer within City of Parramatta LGA. The 2018 Homeless Street Count does not include parts of Granville located in Cumberland Council. These were areas previously identified with numbers of homeless people.

For further information please contact: Katie Wearne on 9806 5327 or

New Rentchoice Youth Program for Western Sydney Area

Housing Services of FaCS has commenced it’s new Rentchoice Youth Program in the Western Sydney Area. This offers the opportunity for private rental assistance for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Sydney and Neapean/Blue Mountains areas.

The Program includes a subsidy paid by FaCS Housing towards rent, as well as a small levels of brokerage funds to aid in establishing a home or for work/study.

Applications are required to go through a process for consideration of need. All forms are available via Housing Pathways of the NSW Government.

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Report finds last-resort housing cheaper than leaving homeless to sleep rough.

Pro Bono Australia article on a cost-benefit analysis commissioned by the University of Melbourne’s Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI).

Last resort housing which includes registered rooming houses and emergency accommodation. The MSSI report finds Governments and society “benefit more than they spend” by providing last-resort housing to homeless individuals.

To read the full article, click here to be redirected to Pro Bono Australia.

There’s a nasty little secret about housing affordability…, ABC News Report

20 Feb 2017 – ABC News Business Reporter Ian Verrender breaks down the issues associated with housing affordability in Australia and what it would take to create a truly affordable housing market.

To read the full article, “Housing affordability: How did we get here, and do first-time buyers ever stand a chance?, click here.


US Program Shields Landlords Renting to the Homeless

The program running out of King County in the North-West of the USA reimburses landlords for any damage tenants do to a unit or, if necessary, for the cost of evicting them. It also provides them 24-hour access to a help line. The program’s clients must be working with case managers at other nonprofits and must complete budgeting classes.

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Free Access to Homeless Services App Announced

A partnership between Infoxhange and Telstra will deliver free access to the app ‘Ask Izzy’ that helps people find shelter and other homeless related services on the Telstra phone network.

The deal will allow homeless people who have smartphones but no credit to still use the app to find somewhere to eat, sleep, or access healthcare. People experiencing homelessness often have mobile phones but often no credit on them.

To read more, click here to be redirected to the Infoxchange site.

ABC News: Youth Homelessness Costs

ABC News Online reports on a new national study that found youth homelessness is costing the health and justice systems more than $600 million a year.

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1 in 7 Young People At-Risk of Homelessness

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the findings of a Mission Australia report into youth homelessness. Mission Australia analysed the data in its annual survey of 19,000 young people, finding that 13.5 per cent of the 15- to 19-year-old respondents faced the threat of homelessness
The national report, to be released on Tuesday, found that the extent of youth homelessness is underestimated, as young people are more likely to couch surf or live in overcrowded dwellings.

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Domestic & Family Violence a major cause of Homelessness in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has published a web report showing the various characteristics of those people experiencing domestic and family violence who presented to specialist homelessness services in Australia during in the 3-year period from 2011–12 to 2013–14.

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Plan to Tackle Long-Term Youth Unemployment

Pro-Bono Australia reports on some of Australia’s leading companies signing up to a program designed to change the way the employment system works, with employers and service providers working together to support young people experiencing long-term unemployment.

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Housing First Can Work – Canadian Example

After six years of instituting a “Housing First” policy, the Canadian town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, flips the status quo on its head and helped to restore safety and shelter to a city that needed it.

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